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These programs are designed from selected investment firms from around the world to help increase participation of local and foreign firms in their project and bring additional benefits to the surrounding communities. In providing funding for viable projects, we have developed a mechanism to satisfy the process that is applicable to all the Borrowers, irrespective of location. This system requires all loan applications to have Collateral support for their loan, in the form of a Bank Guarantee or Standby letter of Credit (depending upon location), that satisfies the Funders requirement. This process is expeditious and productive. The BG / SBLC will act as the primary and only collateral support for the project until funding is completed. The minimum application value is Ten Million Dollars in United States Currency. These Instruments MUST be issued by Top Banks and, or, credible Financial Institutions.

I am available to consult with potential borrowers in the procurement of acceptable financial instruments used as collateral for your loan.

In the case of fully established business we require Executive Summary, Business Plan, Detailed Use of Funds Statement, and an Exit Strategy. At the same time, these programs may reduce costs to investors and expedite project completion.

Improving local business and technical skills, thus qualifying them for contracts to sell higher-quality goods and services that generate sustainable new sources of income.

Facilitating access to financing for local suppliers. Strengthening local supply and distribution networks. Supporting community development projects with education and infrastructure programs. These programs do not focus on any countries or regions but where few alternatives exist for local enterprises. Since inception, these programs have been implemented in 4 countries, tied to more than $1 billion in investments, with about a dozen projects under active implementation and many more under development. Funds are from various private investors and other sources.